Life Poster Maker Pre-cut Mats

Life Poster Maker does more than just posters! You can use it to quickly fill your favorite collage frames that are hanging on your walls all over your house! You can lay out your mat in the program and whenever you want simply change the pictures and print a new collage!

Here are a few images that will show you just how easy it is to do.....

Here we see a light blue mat for an 8"x10" picture. We'll build a layout so that at any time you can easily create a new poster for that mat.

Using the New Poster dialog we've already created an 8x10 free form poster. Now we'll add new openings in this layout. First we need to measure all the cells on the mat. Below you'll see how we've marked up the first cell.

Now we'll plug those measurements into the new cell dialog as shown here.

Here you see how we've added all 4 cells and added some photos to those cells. Notice the overlap? In the dialog above you'll see we had specified a 0.25" overlap. This means that the photo will fit at least 1/4" outside of the opening. This allows for any movement when putting the photo in the frame so that it all appears as desired. You could very easily make it 1/8" opening since you won't need that much overlap.

Now print the collage and put it in your favorite frame.

And now the finished product!

That's it! Now all you have to do is swap the pictures out anytime you want a fresh look using the same frame and mat. Here are several examples using the same mat layout with different pictures.

The above sample collage photos were found on, click on each collage to check out the author's other brilliant photos!

Software Info...

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